Talegaon – the Best of Both Worlds
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  • 28th November, 2018

Best of both worlds

Talegaon – the Best of Both Worlds

Talegaon is becoming one of the most preferred places for people looking to settle. The biggest advantage they offer is that you get everything here, which makes it the best of both worlds.

Peace and Pace

Talegaon is known for the peaceful life it offer. It is surrounded with natural beauty and pleasant climate throughout the year. At the same time, it is on a fast track of development. Pune’s IT sector and Talegaon’s industrial sector have given a great impetus to their and growth. Hence, you get a peaceful life while being a part of its flourishing development – the best of both worlds.

Big City – Low Cost

Pune is a thriving city that has everything you’d expect, and more! It has excellent infrastructure, good education, malls, hospitals, theatres, clubs, restaurants, etc. Normally, buying a house in a big city requires a huge budget. However, Talegaon has extremely affordable realty rates. Thus, you can easily buy a spacious house in a good city without spending all your savings.

Close to Numerous Attractions

People living in cities rarely get the opportunity to enjoy nature. But Talegaon is unique in this aspect. Both places have lush greenery and have several lakes and small hills. Trekking, camping, morning jogs in beautiful parks, weekend retreats are all common for the people of Talegaon. Amusement parks and water parks are also nearby such as Imagica, Wet n Joy, etc. There are also interesting activities like paragliding, rappelling, river rafting, etc in close proximity.

Work – Life Balance

Talegaon offers a great work-life balance which is its main attraction. Both places offer convenient and shorter commute times, easy transports and a healthy work environment. Thus, people get great work opportunities here and they get ample personal time too. Thus, you can grow in your career without sacrificing your family life. Indeed, it is the best of both worlds.

Talegaon surely offers everything one would need to settle into a happy life.

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