Talegaon Offers Homes That Will Cleanse Your Living Experience
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  • 23rd January, 2019

Talegaon Offers Homes That Will Cleanse Your Living Experience

The living experience of any place is very important. Talegaon has various factors working in its favour when it comes to looking for place to settle. The best of them is its well known climate.

Living experience


Talegaon’s location has two big advantages. The first is that it is located just 120 kms from Mumbai and 36 kms from Pune. This makes it extremely easy to live in Talegaon and commute daily to work. Hence, you can enjoy a stress-free and peaceful life while taking advantage of the perks a city has to offer. The living experience here is remarkable.

Secondly, it is located 2200 feet above sea level, which is higher than the famous hill station of Lonavala. Thus, it has a wonderful climate throughout the year. This high altitude has resulted in Talegaon getting a consistent pleasant climate and pure, fresh air. Due to this, Talegaon has become very popular amongst investors looking to buy second homes or weekend homes. Moreover, people who are looking to settle also prefer living experience in Talegaon for its weather and the tranquil life it offers. It has developed immensely which nullifies the sacrifices that come with shifting to towns from cities. Moreover, due to its industrial growth, there are several job opportunities available. Thus, life in talegaon has everything you would want – serenity, peace, growth, progress and development.


Access to nature is a rarity unless you are willing to forsake the convenience of technology and move into small villages. But Talegaon is unique since it brings you the best of both worlds. Surrounded by greenery and ample flaura, Talegaon is blessed by mother nature. At the same time, it is developed with good infrastructure, connectivity and other important elements such as excellent education, entertainment avenues and transport facilities. The greenery around Talegaon ensures that the air is pure and clean. In fact, the environment of Talegaon is known to cure respiratory diseases such as asthma and TB.

Moreover, Living experience in Talegaon means spending your weekends trekking, taking walks among scenic beauty or relaxing near the several lakes it has. That is surely better than visiting the same old malls!

Talegaon sure offers a clean and calm life!

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