Talegaon is Slowly Becoming the First Choice for settling. Here’s Why…
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  • 19th December, 2018

First choice for settling

Talegaon is Slowly Becoming the First Choice for settling. Here’s Why…

Talegaon is seeing a huge influx of people looking to settle. It is no longer now known as a place only for pensioners, but is is also now becoming a first choice for settling for the young generation who are looking for a bright start to their lives.

Best First Choice for Settling

Talegaon is very conveniently located between Pune and Mumbai. It is just 36 kms from Pune and 120 kms from Mumbai. Pune’s IT hub, Hinjewadi, is just half and hour away from talegaon. Thus, people working in Pune often prefer to live in talegaon and then commute daily to Pune since it is more convenient and easy.

Affordable Housing

For the young generation, owning a house of their own is a very important milestone. However, buying a house in a city takes time and years of saving up to gather up enough funds. But, Talegaon allows them to achieve this milestone much earlier. The rates in Talegaon are much lower as compared to Mumbai and Pune. Hence, it is much easier to buy a spacious and big house in a prime location in Talegaon. And it is possible on a moderate budget!

Climate and Nature

The climate of Talegaon is pleasant throughout the year. Talegaon is known for its natural beauty as well. It is surrounded by hills and has many lakes as well. The climate of Talegaon is well known for being pollution free and clean. Young people who crave healthy living are buying flats in Talegaon to enjoy the best of nature and good climate along with city life in close proximity.


Talegaon is developing immensely. People are preferring to settle here since they realise that it is on a fast track and they want to grow along with the town. This development is mainly due to the Industrial sector and the automobile factories around Talegaon. Their establishment has led to the availability of several well paid job opportunities. More and more companies are coming to Talegaon which is now attracting the younger generation to move here and invest in Talegaon. It gives them the opportunity to be a part of this flourishing industry.

Talegaon has great potential which more and more people are recognizing. Thus, it is slowly becoming the first choice for settling.

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