Talegaon Housing is here to win you over with these projects
  • Posted by: Yatri Ajabia
  • 23rd November, 2018

Talegaon Housing

Talegaon Housing is here to win you over with these projects

Talegaon Real Estate has a lot to offer. The real estate scenario in Talegaon has changed completely in the last few years. Talegaon has seen development like never before. As a result, lot of people are considering Talegaon as an option when investing in real estate. There are certain projects in Talegaon that stand out. These projects are all set to win you over. Here they are:


Located in the heart of Talegaon, Aikonic is known as truly as the Icon of Talegaon. Offering homes to families as well as investors, Aikonic is a must visit before you invest in any other project. Located centrally, these homes are perfect for living, investing or just having a weekend home. There are various schools and colleges in and around Talegaon that make it easier for everyone to have a perfect work-life balance. Talegaon Real Estate offers homes that are well constructed and planned, making sure that people who invest in these homes are satisfied and happy.

Eco City 2.0

Built on the legacy of Eco City, this project is like no other. When you visit this project, you will see how well it is constructed. It is one such project where you will find homes in every budget, making sure you get a home that fits all your checkboxes. The mountains and the lush green trees surrounding this project add to its charm and makes one want to live here forever. Truly, Eco City 2.0 has everything you desire in a home and then some more!

Talegaon Dabhade


Located at two prime locations in Talegaon – Jijamata Chowk and Varale – this project is changing the way you see affordable homes. Built with the idea of no compromise, this project offers you the benefit of being centrally located, of various amenities and of being in a budget that is actually possible for you to work with. These homes are amongst some of the best homes in Talegaon Real Estate and they are crafted just for you. The space, the planning and the ventilation will all win you over if you visit HappyNest.

Truly, if you visit any of these projects and decide to invest in them, you will be proud to call these homes your own!

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