Talegaon homes – an investor’s paradise!
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  • 23rd December, 2018

Talegaon Real Estate

Talegaon Homes – an investor’s paradise!

Talegaon Real Estate has seen immense development over the last few years. From a small suburb of Pune, Talegaon has developed into a satellite town. There are various reasons why one should consider Talegaon real estate for investment. These reasons are enough to make this place an investor’s paradise. Here are the reasons:


Located in between Mumbai and Pune, Talegaon has all the location benefits that one can ask for. Residential projects here are perfect for people from Pune as well as Mumbai as they are just a short drive away from both cities. This is also the reason why the area has seen so much development. It is a city in itself and yet it is more peaceful compared to either of these two cities. Due to its location, lots of builders have made some remarkable projects and that has given rise to Talegaon Real Estate.


It is well known that Talegaon is a short drive away from the city. This also means that the pollution that one has to handle in the city is almost nil at Talegaon. Located in the western ghats, this upcoming town enjoys clear air, lush green forest covers and a view of the mountains unlike any other place. This also means that it is a perfect location for people who are looking for second homes or weekend homes. This has also increased the investment from both the cities.


Talegaon has seen immense development over the last few years. This means that the place has seen development in its education and recreational sections as well. Various reputed schools and colleges have set base here. Apart from that, various MNCs are also in Talegaon, making it a hub for working officials. This has given people enough to move to Talegaon permanently.

Space and Budget

As Talegaon is a short distance away from the city, there is more space here to build homes. This is why, if you look at projects in Talegaon like Aikonic, Happynest, Eco City 2.0, etc you will notice that not only are these homes spacious but they are also budget friendly and affordable. This is perfect as you get the best deal here.

These are some of the many reasons that make Talegaon Real Estate an investor’s paradise. Make sure you invest before it is too late.

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