Talegaon has a special appeal for young couples
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  • 07th November, 2018

young couples

Talegaon has a special appeal for young couples.

Talegaon used to be a small village near Pune that was generally occupied by people looking for a peaceful retirement home. But not anymore. Many young couples are flocking here due to the many advantageous factors it offers.

The Rapid Development

Talegaon has now developed into a fast developing town. This is mainly due to the Industrial sector and the automobile factories around Talegaon. Their establishment led to the availability of several well paid job opportunities. More and more companies are coming to Talegaon which is now attracting the young couples to move here and invest in Talegaon. It gives them the opportunity to be apart of and grow with this flourishing industry.

Low Real Estate Cost

Today, young couples are looking to settle early in terms of having their own houses and finances in place at a young age. Properties in Talegaon are available at a much cheaper cost as compared to Pune and Mumbai. This is a major reason why young couples are preferring to move to Talegaon since it makes this milestone achievable quite easily.

Balanced Life

Talegaon is located between Mumbai and Pune. Thus, it is perfect for people who are looking for a peaceful life without compromising on good work and the perks of city life. Talegaon has a good balance of having a wholesome, relaxed life while having the city in close proximity.

Nature and Climate

Having flats in Talegaon comes with nature’s blessing. Talegaon is known for its natural beauty. It is surrounded by hills and has many lakes as well. The climate of Talegaon is also famous for being pollution free and clean. Young couples who crave healthy living are buying property in Talegaon to enjoy the best of nature and good climate.

These are a few reasons why young people are looking for investment in Talegaon. If you wish to have a balanced and pleasant life, then Talegaon is a great option.

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