Talegaon – a Tourist Favorite Destination
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  • 22nd March, 2018
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Talegaon – a Tourist Favorite Destination

Being a tourist favorite destination is a specialty of Talegaon. Talegaon is a peaceful and serene city located at a feasible distance from Pune and Mumbai. It has been blessed with a pleasant climate round the year. A lot of companies are setting up their manufacturing and construction plants here. Developers are investing big money there and providing world-class infrastructure for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

For people to visit Talegaon as a tourist spot here are the tourist favorite destination-

  • Lakes: As the name suggests, this place has many lakes(taal) hence Talegoan. Situated on a high altitude, this place has wonderful climate round the year and never disappoints anyone. It is surely a rejuvenating place and a must visit for nature lovers.

tourist favorite destination

  • Induri Fort :Situated in the banks of the river Indrayani, Induri fort is one of the oldest  fort of the area. It is definitely worth taking a walk in the evenings. A quiet walk down the ruins of the fort along the lakeside will certainly be a close walk to nature. The temple of Godess Katjai is located inside the fort.
  • Katjai Temple:  This temple inside the fort is well kept and maintained by the locals of the city
  • Pandava Temple:  Very unique in all respect, this temple is dedicated to Pandavas (5 brothers) and Draupadi. Located in Talegaon City, this temple is small but has certain history attached to it. The temple is well maintained by the locals there.Tourist favorite destination
  • Naska Talao: It is a water tank that is situated near the Mahadeva Temple in Talegaon City.
  • Sardar Khanderao Samadhi: The samadhi sthal of Sardar Khanderao Dabhade features intricate design and ornate carving on the walls. It is a well maintained building with neat and clean premises.

These were some places in Talegaon that attract tourist attraction. The nearby areas – Kamshet, lonavala and Khandala also lure and invite a large number of people. It is truly a tourist favorite destination to invest.

So make sure you also visit these tourist favorite destination when you visit this amazing city.

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