Residential Developments in Pune will build a home of your dreams for you.
  • Posted by: Yatri Ajabia
  • 27th October, 2018

Residential Developments in Pune

Residential Developments in Pune will build a home of your dreams for you.

Getting perfect residential developments in Pune can be difficult. The reason for this difficulty is the wide choice that one has to pick from when investing in real estate. Pune real estate has seen a rapid development in the last few years. Locations that were never on the map have now become the hub for investors. People are investing more and more in real estate and amidst all this, having your own choice can indeed become difficult. That is why, here are some residential developments in Pune that will build a home of your dreams for you:

32 Pinewood Drive

Located in Hinjewadi, this project is perfect for people who want to enjoy every moment of their lives. Built on the idea that each moment in life is special and needs to be experienced, 32 Pinewood Drive urges you to slow down. If and only if you slow down, will you enjoy life as you are supposed to. Located close to Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, this property out of all the new residential developments in Pune will make life easier by making work-life balance an actual possibility. World class amenities along with spacious and well ventilated homes await you here!

Happynest Varale


It is important that the project you pick is also the one that makes your dream come true. Buying a flat and building a home are two different things and in order to build a home of your dreams, you need to know where to go. At HappyNest, we do not want any compromise from you. The benefit of a prime and central location, amenities and a home in budget are all possible to have at the same time. It is only possible at HappyNest. This is why, the homes in this property are very carefully constructed in order to give you space, ventilation and ample of light. These homes are everything you were looking for and much more.


Located in the lap of Nature, Aikonic is known as the icon of Talegaon. The reason for this is simple – it truly has everything that you want in a home. In order to move away from the hustle of the city, one needs to just drive over to Talegaon. New residential developments in Pune are developing in lush green mountains, where the air is crisp and there is enough space for everyone to indulge in their own hobbies and have some time on their own. These flats are perfect for people of all age groups as there is something for everyone here.

These are some of the new residential developments in Pune. Make sure you visit all and then decide where to invest in.

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