Residential Development of Talegaon and Location Benefits
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  • 05th January, 2019

Residential Development of Talegaon

Residential Development of Talegaon and Location Benefits

Talegaon real estate has grown immensely in the past decade. The demand or homes in Talegaon has risen and continues to grow. Talegaon’s development is attracting more and more people that has led to a boom in Talegaon real estate market. One of the biggest reasons for this is its location.

In the Middle

Talegaon is right in between the two major cities of Pune and Mumbai. It is just 36 kms from Pune and 120 kms from Mumbai. This has made Talegaon quite attractive for people who wish to live a peaceful life but want to be close to the city. Thus, talegaon has a lot of people working in Pune, especially areas like Hinjewadi. These people live in Talegaon and travel daily to the city since it is convenient and quick. This location also attracts people to think of Talegaon when they wish to buy a second home or a weekend home. Thus, there has a been a big growth in Talegaon real estate.

 Climate and Natural Beauty

Many people invest in Talegaon real estate for weekend homes. Talegaon is at the highest altitude between Pune and Mumbai, even higher than Lonavala. Thus, it is blessed with an extremely pleasant climate throughout the year. Infact, it’s pure and fresh air is famous for curing respiratory disorders such as TB. Added to this quality is the beautiful natural surrounding. Talegaon is surrounded by lush greenery, trees and natural beauty. There are several activities such as trekking camping, river rafting that are conducted in the surrounding areas. Hence, it becomes the first choice for people who are looking for a weekend home or vacation home. It is near Mumbai and Pune which brings down the travel time and has all elements you need to enjoy a calm and fun weekend.


Talegaon’s strategic location has not only attracted people to settle, but it has also attracted big MNCs. Talegaon has a thriving industrial sector that boasts of names such as General Motors, Volkswagen, Siemens, JCB, Finolex Cables, Bajaj, etc. This has generated a lot of good job opportunities which in turn has lead to a lot of young people migrating to Talegaon. Thus, the Talegaon real estate market has grown along with its industrial development.

Talegaon real estate is booming. Whether you are looking to settle or to invest, Talegaon makes for a great option.

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