Real Estate Projects in Talegaon that Have Everything You Need
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  • 03rd January, 2019

Real Estate Projects in Talegaon that Have Everything You Need

Real estate projects in Talegaon are in huge demand since Talegaon has a great location and is developing rapidly.

Real Estate Projects in Talegaon

The Real Estate Projects in Talegaon You Should Consider

Some of the best real estate projects in Talegaon include HappyCity, Eco City 2.0 and Aikonic. All these projects are built with modern technology, beautiful apartments and several amenities. They have all the elements you would like in your dream home.

Central Location

Located centrally in Talegaon, all three real estate projects in Talegaon are close to the Talegaon station. Moreover, all significant aspects such as good schools, transport, shops, restaurants, clinics, etc are in close proximity. Central location comes with so many advantages and is always considered a prime location. The commute time is reduced drastically and is also very convenient. It is also easy to travel to the city considering Talegaon’s strategic position between Pune and Mumbai. These properties, being in prime locations, are also sound investments and are bound to give a much better ROI in the future.

Modern Design

HappyCity, Eco City 2.0 and Aikonic are all built using Zero Wastage technology. This means, that all these projects give you the maximum space possible. Thus, every apartment is spacious, well lit and airy. Eco friendly materials have been used to construct these projects to protect the environment. These projects also employ responsible practices such as rain water harvesting.

Wonderful Amenities

A perfect home should cater to your every need. You should feel a sense of serenity and belonging the minute you enter the gates of your society. Thus, all projects have several amenities so that you can enjoy a comfortable and fun lifestyle. HappyCity has amenities such as a clubhouse, a jogging track and a children’s play area. Eco City 2.0 too has a clubhouse, children’s play area, jogging track and a swimming pool. Aikonic offers lush green open spaces, a swimming pool, a multipurpose hall, a jogging track and an amphi theatre.

If you are looking for a flat in Talegaon, then you are bound to find your perfect house in one of these projects.

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