Pune- The Real Estate Hotspot
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  • 20th February, 2018
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real estate hotspot

Pune- The real estate hotspot

Pune is a real estate hotspot. One of the biggest cities of Maharshtra, Pune is clearly a magnet for real estate. With so much development happening in and around the city, Pune has shown tremendous growth and opportunity.

Once only famous for its world class schools and colleges, Pune was rightly called the oxford of the east. It attracted the students from all over the world. But with time, Pune also attracted IT gaints and real estate players to come and explore and contribute towards making the city what it is today.

A huge population today is eager to invest in Pune, due to the excellent infrastructure and living amenities. Pune has been included in the ambitious smart cities plan of the central government, due to which the city’s real estate sector is going to undergo transformation on a very large scale. In comparison to Mumbai, the rates in Pune are reasonable, which is yet another reason as to why people are interested to invest in Pune. These two cities are in close proximity to each other, but whenever it comes to taking investment related decisions, home buyers and investors prefer Pune over Mumbai, mainly because of the affordability factor. Not only brilliant location factor, the city is also blessed with excellent climate making it a hit choice for people to stay there. These factor contribute to Pune being a real estate hotspot.

Not only Pune, but the suburbs like Talegaon, Kamshet, Lonavala etc. also make for a convenient location for real estate growth. People today are preferring homes that are away from the chaos of the city and yet located near the city. Since Pune is blessed with good infrastructure, commuting from one end to the other is also easy and convenient. The main target of the developers here is the IT crowd and all units- 1 BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK are available at affordable prices.

Browse through property options in Pune as it is a real estate hotspot. You are sure to find some amazing options in both residential as well as commercial spaces.

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