Pune is making affordable homes just for you.
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  • 27th December, 2018

Upcoming Projects in Pune

Pune is making affordable homes just for you.

Pune has a real estate market that draws in investors. This means that there will always be some new project that you’d want to invest in. Given that, on has to consider the budget as well when thinking of investing in various upcoming projects in Pune. Often, we tend to assume that affordable flats in Pune will require us to move away from our preferred location. That is not true because upcoming projects in Pune are making affordable homes just for you. Take a look:


Happynest is located in Talegaon, just a short distance away from Pune. There are various upcoming projects in Pune but Happynest is different from all. Happynest is changing the way you see affordable homes. Happynest offers homes that are located in the prime location of the city, has easy access to schools, colleges as well as offices and recreational places. These flats are constructed keeping in mind all your needs. When you invest in Happynest, rest assured that you will find a happy home waiting for you and your family.

Life 360

Living live in this stressful world can be a challenge of its own. This means that there will be less time that one has for one’s family and own self. Here at Life 360, we make that better. Located in Rahatani, this project offers you complete living like never before. Here, you will find world class amenities that will make you want to step out of the house and enjoy life, reconnect with your active side. The location for this upcoming project is in Rahatani, making it a prime location as you will find schools, colleges, recreational places etc. It is a safe and sound location and perfect for families.


Aikonic is a project located in Talegaon. It is known as the icon of Talegaon and for all the right reasons. Here, you will find homes that are perfect for families, couples as well as single investors. These homes are situated in the main location of Talegaon, just a short distance away from Talegaon Railway Station. From all the upcoming projects in Pune, this one will give you a view of the mountains, surrounded by lush green trees and with an air so crisp, you will feel happier and lighter here.

These are some of the upcoming projects in Pune that are making affordable homes just for you.

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