Looking for a place to settle? Head over to Talegaon!
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  • 22nd October, 2018

Place to settle

Looking for a place to settle? Head over to Talegaon!

Looking for a place to settle? Head over to Talegaon. Talegaon is a town on the outskirts of Pune and is now considered as a rapidly developing suburb of the city. It is chosen by many people as a place to settle down since life in Talegaon has many benefits.

place to settle


Talegaon is located right in the center of Maharashtra’s industrial triangle – Pune, Mumbai, Nashik. Hence, many people seek a to have a place to settle and a house in Talegaon since the daily commute is very easy. A place to settle in Talegaon ensures that you get a peaceful life while enjoying the advantages of city dwelling.

Low Real Estate Cost

Talegaon, as a town, has a real estate cost that is much lesser than that of Pune and Mumbai. It’s proximity and this low cost of houses attracts many people who wish to live near the city and need a spacious house within their budget.


 Peaceful Life

Talegaon is known for the peaceful life that it provides. It offers a great work-life balance. It is near enough the hustle and bustle of the city which allows you to enjoy the perks of city life. But it is also, in itself, a calm and tranquil place. A house in Talegaon lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Indeed, it is a perfect place to settle.


Climate and Nature

Talegaon’s climate is famous for being pleasant throughout the year. Many people who suffer from respiratory problems move here specifically to get cured. The area has fresh unpolluted air which is quite a rarity today. It is also surrounded by nature and greenery. It is a small haven amidst the big cities surrounded by many small hills and trees. FDor everyone who needs a home in the lap of nature, there is no better place to settle than Talegaon.


Living in outskirts usually means accepting that you won’t see much development. But Talegaon is different. It has seen a huge development in the recent years. It’s location has attracted several foreign multinationals to set up their companies in its Industrial area. Many bug automobile industries have also established their factories here. The development of Talegaon is happening at a great pace. This is one the primary reasons why people are buying property in Talegaon.

Having a place to settle in Talegaon will allow you to enjoy the city, have a peaceful life, wake up amidst nature and be witness to developments – so head over to Talegaon now!


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