Looking for a house in Talegaon?

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  • 16th October, 2018

house in Talegaon

Looking for a house in Talegaon – Check out these Great Options!

A house in Talegaon has a special appeal, for almost everyone. If you are looking for a good project to invest in, you should definitely consider looking at a house in Talegaon. Located at a good but manageable distance from the city, Talegaon has become a favourite for people who want to invest in real estate. If you would like to invest in Talegaon, here are some great options to consider:

Happyit Varale


It is a brand in itself, for it promises you happy homes! Located at two locations in Talegaon – Jijamata Chowk and Varale Phata, HappyCity is the end of all your troubles. Homes that are perfectly constructed, keeping in mindspace, location, as well as amenities and ventilation, at HappyCity, you will find a happy home, full of freedom and joy. If you are thinking about the budget, relax. In order to avail the benefits of being in the prime location, you need not go far. HappyCity gives you the prime location you always wanted in the budget you have in mind! It truly is a happy home in all senses.

Namrata Aikonic


Talegaon has a lot of new projects but any house in Talegaon is never better than the ones you will find at AIkonic. Known as the ‘Icon of Talegaon’, Aikonic has flats that are perfect for families as well as people who are looking for a place to invest in. Located in Talegaon, this project is good for people from Mumbai as well as Pune as it is just a short drive away. Loaded with amenities, Aikonic will make you feel like your home is the only place you want to be!

Eco City 2.0

Built as a legacy to Eco City, this project is one of the best options to consider if you are looking for a house in Talegaon to invest in. Buying a home in the middle of lush green trees, mountains and fresh air has known to have multiple health benefits and at Eco City 2.0, you not only get this but also get to experience various amenities that enhance this experience. Eco City 2.0 also has commercial spaces. Located close to schools, offices and other adventure spots, it is indeed perfect for everyone!

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