Investing in Properties Across Pune is a Smart Decision. Here is why…
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  • 24th November, 2018

smart investment

Investing in Properties Across Pune is a Smart Investment. Here is why…

New properties across Pune are changing the real estate scenario of the city. Every single day, lots of people move to Pune. All these people who move need a home and that is why the real estate scenario of pune is always growing and changing. There are properties across Pune which are here to provide you with a home that actually feels like one. Here are some of the new properties across Pune that you should invest in and why:

Happynest Varale


Built on the idea to change how people view affordable homes, Happynest gives you everything you need in a home. These flats are built with the idea that budget constraints should not make you compromise on the house that you wish to buy. This means that these homes are located centrally, have been planned well and are in your budget. These flats are truly the ones which can be called happy homes.



Located in Talegaon, Aikonic is one such project that has it all. Built with the idea of having a life that is balanced, Aikonic offers amenities that will change the way you live. Homes here are well planned and constructed for families as well as couples and single people. They are surrounded by lush green trees and mountains, making them a favourite for people who love nature and quiet. These homes are perfect for investment as well as a weekend home.

32 Pinewood Drive

32 Pinewood Drive

In the hustle of everyday life, one often feels like one is losing out on various experiences. These flats are built in Hinjewadi, making them close to various IT offices. This offers a work life balance like never before. As a result, these flats allow you to slow down, to experience life and to take it all in. One should never miss out on any important moment in life and this is the idea behind making these luxurious homes.

Apart from these, projects like Unnati, 7 Plumeria Drive, Life 360, etc are also promising.

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