Home in Talegaon means Lifestyle fused with nature

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  • 24th September, 2018

home in Talegaon

Home in Talegaon means Lifestyle fused with nature

In our busy lives in the city, having a house that is surrounded by nature is unimaginable. It’s a sacrifice we all make. But one place makes it possible to get both – Talegaon. Apart from the strategic location of being between Pune and Mumbai, one of the main advantages of investing in home in Talegaon is its climate and natural beauty.

home in talegaon

Talegaon and Nature

Talegaon Dabhade is located 2200 feet above sea level between Pune and Mumbai. This leads to a pleasant climate throughout the year and plenty of greenery in and around Talegaon. Talegaon is also home to several lakes which is how it got its name.

Benefits of Living in Talegaon’s Natural Beauty 

home in talegaon

Pure and Clean Air

We all know that plants and trees purify the air and provide oxygen. When you live in a place that has ample greenery, it means that you are breathing in fresh, clean air. This leads to good immunity, agility and concentration since the brain and body get ample unadulterated oxygen.

home in talegaon

Reconnecting Children with Nature

Investing in residential projects in Talegaon means access to green spaces for your children. Several studies have shown that playing outdoors amidst nature is highly beneficial for kids since it makes them stronger and boosts their immunity. It is also believed that being in nature makes children smarter, more creative, healthier and happier.

Physical Benefits

Research has proven that those living close to natural surroundings are more likely to be regular with their exercises. Besides, it makes exercising fun and feasible as well. You feel inspired to do yoga or go for a brisk walk or jog when your surroundings are so beautiful.

home in talegaon

Trekker’s Paradise

With several forts and hills in close proximity, living in Talegaon can shake up the trekker inside you. You can go to Chakan Fort, Induri Fort, Bhandara Dongar, Sinhgad, Lohagad and so many more. With weekend plans that involve trekking and camping, you will surely notice an increase in your mental happiness and physical strength.

home in talegaon

Reduced Health Problems

Talegaon’s pure and pollution-free climate is famous for treating and curing people suffering from asthma, tuberculosis and other such respiratory diseases. Hence, when you buy a flat in any of the residential projects in Talegaon, you are automatically reducing sickness and diseases from your family’s life.

home in talegaon

Every Day – Beautiful Day

People living in Talegaon wake up daily to the sounds of birds, the rustling of leaves and the sway of the wind. Talegaon is very calm and peaceful, which is rare to find today. Hence, you begin and end your day on a very positive note which is quite an amazing thing, isn’t it?

Talegaon is a unique place with just the right balance of city life and natural beauty. So if you do not wish to forsake the hustle and bustle of the city but still wish to live with nature, then you must check out the various residential projects in Talegaon.

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