Here are some Summer Ideas for a cool Home!
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  • 30th April, 2019

Summer Ideas for a Cool Home

Here are some Summer Ideas for a cool Home!

Summers call for various summer ideas for a cool home. If you live in a 1 bhk or 2 bhk in a city like Pune, you will know that the summer months can be difficult to live through because of the heat. There are some summer ideas for a cool home that you can use to beat the heat!  It is time to be summer ready! Here they are:


  1. It goes without saying that keeping your drapes closed will be a big help. However, if you do not have thick, dark curtains, invest in one pair that you can use during harsh summers.
  1. Fill a mixing bowl with ice and place it in front of a huge fan or cooler. This will reduce the temperature of the room almost instantly.
  1. Switch to cotton bedsheets from silk or other synthetic material. Cotton is perfect for summer as it is one material that allows air to freshen it and keep it cool. You will sleep better on cotton sheets.
  1. During summers, the air outside gets cooler at night. The simplest trick to keep the heat outside is to open the windows and doors and let the cool night breeze come in.
  1. Keep a few plants indoors. This will bring down the temperature of the house.
  1. Try and eat seasonal food like Aam Panna to keep yourself cool from the inside as well. It is important to keep yourself well hydrated as well to beat the summer heat.
  1. This is one simple tip but it works wonders: turn down the lights. This will instantly cool down whichever room you are sitting in as lights make the room hot, turning them down will cool it.

Using these simple summer ideas for a cool home, you can survive and beat the heat this summer!


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