Here are some summer dishes you must make at your new home!
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  • 23rd May, 2019

Summer Dishes

Here are some summer dishes you must make at your new home!

Summer dishes are a huge part of every person’s childhood memories. They are the dishes you made with your mom and then made a mess of the entire house. Sometrimes, it is important to create these memories again and that too at your own house. Summer and mangoes hold a very important place in every Indian’s heart. Here are some summer dishes you must make at your new home:

Aam Ras

Although this is a classic summer dish, make sure you make this at your new place when you buy a house. This is one such dish that connects people and having it at your own home will bring out the best memories and create new ones! A summer must-have, make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Aam Panna

Made traditionally to keep the heat away, this magical summer drink is made from raw mangoes, sugar and jeera! There are different ways of making this national summer favourite so pick a recipe you love and make this drink that will keep you cool and impress every person you serve it to!

Mango Srikhand

Like so many indian dishes, Srikhand is one such dish that will always bring people together. Have it alone or have it with some poori, it tastes heavenly no matter what. Make this at home and you will fill it with joy, laughter and lots of happiness in no time. It really is that simple!

Mango Pickle

Indians love their pickle and the process of making pickles is not simple as well. If you are an adult who has grown up in an Indian household, you will know that making pickles, especially mango pickle, is a long process in itself. Once you have your own home, make sure you do the same so that your kids and family can experience the same joy of eating half dried mangoes from the terrace top where they are put to dry for the pickle.

These summer dishes are just a few examples of what can turn your house into a home. Food has a unique way of bringing people together and binding them with love and memories! These are just some summer dishes that you must make at your new home!


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