Here are some Great New Projects around Pune
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  • 07th October, 2018
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Projects around Pune

Here are some Great New Projects Around Pune

Everyday, there are new properties in Pune real estate market. In order to find the perfect place to invest in, you need to make sure you are aware of all the options that are available. This includes projects around Pune or in the outskirts as well. Once you know your options, only then will you know where to invest in. Here are some new projects around Pune that you should watch out for:

Namrata Aikonic


Aikonic by Namrata group is truly the ‘Icon of Talegaon’. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for projects around Pune. It is located right in the heart of the city and is the epitome of high living. In order to celebrate life, you need to make sure that your home inspires you to do so. This is possible at Aikonic, for it is in Talegaon and away from all the chaos of the city. When it comes to new projects around Pune, it does not get better than this. Located between Mumbai and Pune, Talegaon works as an investment location as well as perfect for weekend homes. At Aikonic, you will feel the joy of ‘Celebrating Living’ and that is what sets it apart from all other projects.


7 Plumeria Drive

Of all the new properties in Pune, 7 Plumeria Drive is the most luxurious one. Here, you will experience a lifestyle that is truly crafted for you. These flats are constructed keeping in mind the comfort and luxury that one deserves. 7 Plumeria Drive is situated in Tathawade, where you can find schools, hospitals, colleges and other recreational places. These flats are smartly constructed so that there is ample light, ventilation and space along with various amenities. One of these amenities is a stunning club house which will make it difficult for you to not stay at home. 7 Plumeria Drive is the abode of luxury that you truly deserve.

Ecocity 2.0

Eco City 2.0

Residential projects around Pune are growing day by day. They are perfect if you are looking for a home that is peaceful and away from the chaos of city. If peace is your requirement, you must head over to Eco City 2.0. Located in Talegaon, Eco City 2.0 is situated in the lap of nature, amidst lush green trees. Here, you will find 1 and 2 bhk homes at Eco City 2.0. This project is situated in the heart of Talegaon and is just 2.2 kms away from Talegaon Railway Station. Talegaon MIDC is a kilometer away from the project. It is a property that you should not miss out on.

Life 360

Located in Rahatani, Life 360 is a project that celebrated complete living. Studded with amenities and the benefit of being in Rahatani, this project has it all. In the stress and hustle of everyday life, a home at Life 360 is enough to make your life interesting. With amenities that make you want to step out of your home, you be your fittest self here at Life 360. Rahatani is also situated next to locations like Wakad and Pimple Saudagar so it is constantly vibrant and full of young people, restaurants and cafes. It is truly one of the best properties in Pune.

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