Here are famous monsoon destinations around Talegaon.
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  • 24th June, 2019

Monsoon Destinations

Here are famous monsoon destinations around Talegaon.

Talegaon is surrounded by monsoon destinations. If you are someone who loves going on a long drive in monsoon, watch the rain with a cup of piping hot ginger tea and pakoras, you will fall in love with monsoon destinations around Talegaon. The thing is, due to the location of Talegaon, you can access so many interesting monsoon destinations from here. Take a look:


Kamshet is one such place where nature meets adventure. Located at a short distance from Talegaon, Kamshet is a place where nature lovers can go for a small picnic or a beautiful drive during monsoons. Out of all the monsoon destinations around Pune, this one is perfect for all kinds of activities from a small picnic and drive to a hiking trip! Take your family and friends along and visit this gem when it starts to drizzle!


One of the most sought after destinations in Maharashtra, this hill town is at its most beautiful when it starts to rain. aThe beauty of living in Talegaon is the easy access to all these stunning places, including Matheran. Here, you can enjoy a weekend getaway from Talegaon and take in the beautiful sights that these monsoon destinations have to offer. At Matheran, you can enjoy nature, mountains and lush greenery just a short drive away from Talegaon.


Mahabaleshwar is also one of the favourite monsoon destinations of India. It is located in close proximity to Pune. Here, you can visit during monsoons and enjoy a cozy time exploring the beauty of the mountain ranges, relax at beautiful resorts and have interesting food. Basically, you can ensure that you will have a great time when it comes to monsoons at Mahabaleshwar.

Apart from these monsoon destinations, there are many more areas you can explore around Talegaon when it starts to rain! Indeed, monsoon is the best season to visit these destinations!


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