Cleaning hacks every person should know
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  • 27th November, 2018

Cleaning hacks every person should know

When you have a house, it is important that you know some smart cleaning hacks. The best way to get rid of dirty stuff around the house is by knowing smart ways around it instead of struggling with these issues over long period of time. Here are some cleaning hacks that every person should know, you never know when these will come handy:

 1. In order to remove ink stains from anywhere, all you need to do is use milk and wash it out. It works like magic.

 2. If you have a clogged sink, mix one part baking soda with one part salt and por it down the drain. After that, pour some white vinegar over it and then pour boiling water on top. This should unclog any drain!

 3. If you want to whiten your clothes, soak them in warm water with a slice of lemon. It will do the trick.

 4. If you want to remove scratches from furniture, just use some toothpaste and wipe over them. The scratches will disappear.

 5. The best way to clean your microwave is to put a cup of hot water and vinegar, turn on the microwave for 3 minutes. All the stains should come right off.

 6. If you are someone who loves your coffee and you love your coffee mugs even more, it is very simple to get rid of coffee stains from the mugs you love. Put some baking soda and warm water in the mug and roll it around. Take a cloth and wipe it. Repeat till you are satisfied.

 7. Use ketchup to clean copper pots and pans. The acid in the ketchup helps to clean the pots and brings out the shine.

 Make sure you use these hacks when you need them the most.

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