Buying a Second Home? Here are some options!
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  • 16th April, 2019

Second Home

Buying a Second Home? Here are some options!

Investing in a second home is always a good idea. If you are buying a second home, you should definitely consider various things before you take the leap. Things like connectivity, location and other important things should be considered before you buy a second home. Here are some great options for investment:

Bird’s View

Located in New Lonavala, Bird’s View is the perfect option for a second home. Here, you will be living at one with nature, experiencing a pleasant environment, balanced weather, and ample space to indulge in various activities. Bird’s view has great connectivity and is a secured neighborhood. If you are looking for various recreational activities, you can find them all here at Bird’s View. This investment can also turn into a weekend home where one can host get together as well as family gatherings. Indeed, it will make a great second home.

Eco City 2.0

Talegaon has a reputation for offering the best when it comes to homes. At Eco City 2.0, if you invest in a second home, you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with living away from the city. Here, there are some world class amenities which will make your experience of having a second home better. These homes are designed just for you, crafted in a way that they are spacious, full of light and cozy to live in. Add connectivity and local perks to the list and Eco City 2.0 is a package deal.


Having a small home away from the chaos of city life can be the best thing when looking for another house. Be it for investment purposes or as a second home, Aikonic is definitely one of the best investment options in Talegaon. Here, you can live in homes that are overlooking the mountain range and experience the balanced weather like never before. There is definitely more space available here for various kinds of activities.

Apart from this, you can also look at HappyCity as an investment option in Talegaon.

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