Buying a 2 bhk flat in Pune? Here are some interesting interior ideas!
  • Posted by: Yatri Ajabia
  • 05th August, 2018

2 bhk Flat in Pune

The feeling of buying a home is priceless! As you have now completed your search for the perfect 2 bhk flat in Pune, we have some interesting interior ideas for you. Your home speaks so much about you therefore it is so important to give a distinct character to it. By choosing the right kind of color and interiors you can make your home so distinctive.

Your 2 bhk flat in Pune is all set to be explored!

Pick one style of decor

We know that all your family members might have a different taste but it is very important to finalize one décor style. There are so many styles that you can pick from; Modern or traditional, vintage or monochrome, quirky to jazzy, the choice is yours. After finalizing one particular décor style, start looking for décor items that match the selected style. Get the walls painted in colors that match the décor style.

Let’s see what the different styles of décor are:

Modern decor style:

Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple colour palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel. Modern design are simple with neat and clean lines on furniture and all interiors. One such example of modern décor style is monochrome décor that can be picked for your 2 bhk flat in Pune.

  • Monochrome Décor: If playing with colors and mix and match is not your thing, how about monochrome? You just have to deal with black and white and gray. The choice is minimum in terms of color, but so many textures, styles to pick from. Though it can get boring, but indeed a classy style of décor we say!

Contemporary Décor Style:

Modern and contemporary might be considered as one and the same, but there is a difference. Contemporary is different from modern because it describes design that are trending today. What colors and what themes are being used in this modern time period is of much importance here. One such example is vibrant and quirky décor style.

  • Vibrant and quirky: If you love what colors can do to your home and living, opt for the vibrant and quirky décor. Paint a wall with bright yellow/orange color, hang on some cool picture frames, put your family portraits in all bright colors and see how lovely and lively your place can look.

 Traditional Décor Style:

Traditional design style can be defined as rich and opulent that offers classic detailing, sumptuous furnishings and use of abundant accessories.

Traditional décor styles often feature dark colored finished wood, use of rich colour like wine and brown and royal blue, and a variety of textures and curved lines. Furniture and furnishings have elaborate and ornate details and fabrics, like velvet, silk and brocade are used.

These were some of the styles that can be used to deck up your 2 bhk flat in Pune. Read here to know about some more styles of décor.

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