The beauty of living in talegaon – amidst nature.

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  • 23rd September, 2018

Talegaon Pune

The beauty of living in talegaon – amidst nature.

When Priyanka first moved to Pune from Mumbai, she was amazed. There is so much greenery! She had been skeptical about moving cities, wondering whether the relaxed pace of Pune would suit her. But it did, she says. I am love with this city. Pune has so many gardens and you will find some streets lined with trees! I enjoy going to the tekad is as well.

Like Priyanka, many people feel that living in Talegaon gives them the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Usually, you get access to fresh air and green grass only on vacations or when you visit your village, says Mahesh, a resident of Talegaon. But here, I get to do my morning jog amidst nature every single day and then simply take a short drive to Hinjewadi where I work.


In the past decade Talegaon Pune has seen a lot of people migrating from different cities. Initially, Talegaon Pune were favoured by retired people because of the peaceful lifestyle it offers. But today, people from all age groups and all walks of life are flocking here because of its rapid development, employment opportunities, good lifestyle, a great work-life balance and also the abundance of nature.


It is no secret that Talegaon Pune has been blessed by mother nature. Both places have several small hills, lush green spaces and trees. Talegaon specially is known for its consistent pleasant climate and clean, pollution-free air. Pune too has numerous small hills or tekadis and areas such as University and Pashan lake that are surrounded by natural beauty. You will also find many gardens and parks sprinkled across Pune.


The gardens here are a huge plus point for me, says Supriya, a mother to a three-year old. I take my daughter to the park every single day and I see so many older kids playing the games that we used to as children. I love that!

This is another reason why young couples and families opt to live in Talegaon Pune. We all know the positive effects that outdoor play has on children. It makes children strong and boosts their immunity as well. Being outdoors also makes them creative and increases their mental strength.


The location of Talegaon Pune is such that they are surrounded by natural beauty. There are innumerable places you can go to if you wish to be in nature. You have Pawna Dam, MIDC, Bhandara Dongar, Lohgad, Sinhgad, eitc. Even hill stations like Lonavala are very close.

I love trekking, says Shivaji, a personal trainer from pune. Living in Pune makes it possible for me to go on a trek almost every weekend. Since there are so many places so nearby, I don’t need to spend a lot on transportation and can be back within a day as well.

Living in nature while enjoying the city life is a rare privilege. So head over to Talegaon Pune if you wish to make this wonderfully unique life your daily routine.

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