All the housewarming party ideas in one place!
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  • 24th May, 2019

Housewarming party ideas

All the housewarming party ideas in one place!

A new house calls for a housewarming party. However, it is difficult to come up with housewarming party ideas that are unique and fun. So, if you have invested in a flat and bought a house, here are some housewarming ideas for you, all in one place. If you use these ideas, rest assured, people will never forget the party you hosted and you! Take a look and pick the ideas that work best for you:


  1. Do not rush into throwing a housewarming party. It is important that you are settled into your house and have had time to relax and organise stuff before you allow people to visit your home for a party.


  1. Let your house party be an open house party so instead of a starting time, say 1:00 pm, keep it for a few hours so guests can drop by whenever they have time instead of having to free their schedules for the party.


  1. When planning what to serve at your housewarming party, make sure you include food that is fresh, filling, sweet and quenching. Make sure that you pick food that requires no supervision or input from you when the guests arrive.


  1. Make sure you have some games planned that can help break the ice with your guests!


  1. If you are throwing a housewarming party, make sure you have some gifts planned that your guests can take home. These gifts need not be huge or expensive, something simple yet thoughtful works and it is a great housewarming idea!


  1. Use paper products and disposable utensils so once you are done with the party, there is a quick cleaning up process instead of long hours of doing dishes and cleaning up.


  1. Don’t forget to have some music. This is such a simple yet very crucial housewarming idea that most people miss out on.


Use these housewarming party ideas once you move into your new house and allow your friends and family to turn it into a home!


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