5 reasons why you must consider home investment in Pune
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  • 16th December, 2018

5 reasons why you must consider home investment in Pune

When it comes to a sound investment, more and more people are considering real estate investment in Pune.

Real Estate Investment in Pune


Pune has developed immensely over the past few decades. It has become a big IT hub with many international MNCs such as Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc. Moreover, the city has developed in other aspects as well such as infrastructure, entertainment and transport. Hence, there is a huge demand for real estate in Pune which has given a boost to the market. Thus, right now is a good time to opt for real estate investment in Pune.

 Developing Outskirts

Not only Pune, but all its peripheral areas and suburbs are developing. Places such as Rahatani, Talegaon, Tathawade, etc have grown from small suburbs to significant and growing parts of Pune. This has pushed the boundaries of the city and will continue to do so. This is another huge reason why real estate investment in Pune is on the rise.

Education Hub

Pune has always been known as Oxford of the East. It has several prestigious schools and universities that offer a variety of courses across various fields. This attracts students from all over the world. Thus, many people invest in houses in Pune and then earn rental income since the demand for rental homes in Pune is never ending.

 Affordable housing

Compared to its neighbour, Mumbai, Pune has much more reasonable rates. Hence, it is easier to get a spacious house here on a moderate budget and also to buy a second home in the long run. Thus, people prefer real estate investment in Pune since it does not require as much funds as it does in Mumbai.


The environment and climate of Pune is quite attractive to several people. Pune has a pleasant climate throughout the year and also has a lot of greenery. Thus, many people prefer real estate investment in Pune, especially if they are buying weekend or second homes. Not only do you make a good investment, but you also get to enjoy nature’s beauty and a clean, pollution-free climate.

Pune’s real estate market is growing and any investment here is bound to give good returns. Thus, if you are looking for a safe and lucrative choice, then you must consider real estate investment in Pune.

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