5 reasons why Talegaon is attracting the Young generation.
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  • 26th November, 2018

young generation

5 reasons why Talegaon is attracting the Young generation.

Initially known as a retiree location, Talegaon is now being considered as viable places for settling by the young generation as well.


Flats in Talegaon are quite affordable and reasonable, especially of you compare them with Mumbai. Thus, for anyone who has just started out and has saved up a little, it is much easier for him to buy a flat here. Owning a home is an important milestone and one can achieve it much faster in Talegaon.

Availability of Job opportunities

Pune is becoming quite famous as an IT hub in the country. It has big IT parks that have IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and many more. Thus, there are many good jobs available which is attracting many people. The close proximity of Talegaon to Pune and the easy daily commute have led to several people opting to settle in Talegaon as well. Talegaon’s Industrial sector too boasts of big companies. Talegaon itself offers several well paid opportunities as more and more companies are establishing their factories in its outskirts.

Good Education

Pune has a massive student population. This is hardly surprising since it has several well renowned educational institutes that cater to a wide variety of fields. It has institutes like Fergusson College, Symbiosis,  College of Engineering, Armed Forces Medical College, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Medical College, ILS Law college and many more. Talegaon too has well reputed schools and colleges such as Hutchings High School, High Vision English Medium School, Mount Saint Ann Convent High School, Jain English Medium School, etc and colleges such as Maharashtra Institute Of Medical Educational And Research, Tolani Maritime Institute, Siddhant College of Engineering, Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, etc

Work – Life Balance

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Talegaon among the young generation is the great work-life balance they offer.  Talegaon both have short commute times, lush greenery and good climate. They are also surrounded by great places for trekking, picnics and weekend activities. Thus, people are flocking here since not only do they get good jobs and salaries, but they also have various ways to enjoy and live life.


Talegaon has seen great development in the recent years. Their infrastructure has improved by leaps and bounds and they have excellent connectivity. Moreover, their development in terms of transport, education, real estate, etc has been immense. This development is another reason why many young people are investing in property in Talegaon as well.

Talegaon has great places to settle since they offer a fulfilling lifestyle. This quality is attracting many people and today, they are no longer considered as just places for pensioners.

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