10 Simple Home Decor Ideas
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  • 02nd April, 2019

Home Decor

10 Simple Home Decor Ideas

If you have a house in any of the major cities in the country, you will know that managing space is extremely important. New flats and homes have space but how to decorate and utilise this space is on us. Here are some clever home decor ideas which will help you plan a suitable decor scheme for your home:

  1. If you have an unused corner, take the help of a carpenter and add shelves in that corner. Use this space to put up books, old family pictures and maybe a plant.
  2. Adding plants anywhere in the house is a good, easy and eco-friendly way to make your home have a naturally uplifting space.
  3. Have a small bathroom? Use corner shelves to store your toiletries.
  4. Use string lights as home decor. They will add a soft and warm touch to your house.
  5. Grab some cherished photos and get them frames. Pick a spot in your house – maybe an empty wall that has no use – and hand them there. Apart from being a good home decor idea, this also works as a walk down memory lane.
  6. A wooden floor can do wonders when it comes to home decor. If you have the budget, switch your tiled floors for wooden ones. Trust us on this, it will change the way your home looks instantly.
  7. Don’t have a place for setting up a sofa? No worries. Grab a mattress, buy some colourful sheets and place them on the floor of your hall. Add some throw pillows and you have a floor seating in place.
  8. Add some quirky fridge magnets. They work so well as simple home decor!
  9. Take old wine bottles and put a few leaves or a small branch from a tree. Fill them with water and place the cork. This looks like professional home decor but is so easy to achieve.
  10. In your bathroom, use the space above the toiled to install a cabinet where you can place soap, shampoo, towels, etc.

With these cool and easy home decor ideas, you will have an amazing home to come back to everyday!

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