What makes buying property the safest bet?

At one point of time, we all think of owning our dream house and being free of the rent cycle. This is the distant dream of every middle class and they work tirelessly towards fulfilling this aim.  Though gold, mutual funds and stocks rank high in the list of investment, but what tops the list is investing in buying property. We want our savings to be big enough to make adequate down payment as part payment for buying a home. 95% people take a bank loan and make EMI’s that result in a fixed salary deduction for a period of 10-25 years.

buying propertyHere are the three points that prove that buying property is indeed the safest wager:

Real estate business is considered to be booming in all aspects. In this era of urbanization, where more and more families are moving to cities in a nuclear family, there is a high demand of 1 BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK. More or less this investment is shock proof and the price of land is sure to increase with time. When you own a house, you are free from paying rents to your landlord and would rather invest this money in paying off the EMI’s for your own home.

When you are buying property, it can serve as a source of income for your entire lifetime. You can either rent it out or sell it to a new buyer. It is sure to yield income for always. Once you have paid all your EMI’s and you own a property, you have so much to do in terms of financial gain. If you own one or two houses, renting is an option when you have bought home for investment. Buying property in an industrial area or a commercial plot is equally beneficial and is sure to yield high returns.

Though buying a home can put a heavy financial burden on the buyer, but it is a proven fact that a home owner is happy, emotionally stable and contended in his/her own home. Owning a home is an achievement for a middle-class family and what matters most is one’s happiness and satisfaction in life. People want to free themselves of the stress of paying rent month over month to the landlord and rather look forward to put that same amount of money towards paying EMI of their own abodes.

buyingpropertyBig or small, everybody dreams of owning their home and people save all their lives to make a house of their own and that is why real estate is always considered a safe wager as compared to all other options.

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