Weekender Country Songs – A Peaceful Haven

What makes your weekend truly exciting? Following the same mundane shopping tasks, going to the rejuvenation centers and still getting excited for this week to end? We give you a new dimension to get all excited about. Why not have a date with nature and explore what the beautiful landscape has to offer. Fresh air, lush greenery and pollution free zone at Weekender Country Songs will let your heart and mind sing in perfect harmony. There can be nothing better than escaping the city and reconnecting with your inner side.

Weekender Country Songs_AvanueIf you desire to make your weekends matter more, Weekender Country Songs is the place to be! Situated in the tranquil environs of Kamshet, the New Lonavala, this project is a sight to watch. Plush greenery, peaceful environment, calm and composed- are all things that truly define Weekenders Country Songs at its best.

Divert your route from malls to Weekender Country Songs, in Kamshet that is located amidst the picturesque backdrop. The fresh and natural air, the scenic view and the fascinating stillness will surely win your hearts once in for all. The more you get absorbed in, the more you will get drooled by its beauty.

Green, tranquil environs enveloped in peace and quiet beckon you to seek a dialogue with your inner-self, pursue your adventurous side or your hobbies that you have left behind, all these years. From the skyline to the earth, everywhere Nature takes pride of place. You need to experience it to understand it.Weekender Country Songs_lawn area

For those seeking weekend adventure, Namrata presents weekend homes, Weekender Country Songs. These are bungalow plots with attached country life excitement. Located in the tranquil environs of Kamshet, just 40 k.m. from Pune, Weekender Country Songs is amply blessed with lush greenery, fresh air and wide open spaces. Weekender Country Songs will have all the facilities and conveniences for healthy, peaceful community living, without upsetting the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

Namrata Weekender Country Songs has all the features that make it an exciting option to escape from the city’s buzz, make it a peaceful haven for retirement and an absolute attractive investment plan. Luxury, beauty and utility go hand in hand at Namrata Weekender.

Weekender Country Songs_River ViewSo whether it’s a weekend escape you have in mind or a peaceful haven after retirement, or maybe an attractive investment, a weekend home at Weekender Country Songs, Kamshet makes good sense. Also, satisfy your adventurous soul with activities in Kamshet.