The construction industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Globalization and technological advancement have given rise to innovative ideas. Unexpectedly the construction industry has started adapting these new technologies and new approach in order to boost the overall efficiency for better infrastructural development in no time. Read on to find out more about the latest technology used to improve the overall construction process.
Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. The modern methods of construction aim to improve business efficiency, customer satisfaction, quality of construction, maintaining the ecological balance, sustainability and the predictability of delivery timescale. Use of advanced technology has enabled the Indian construction and infrastructure industry to take up previously impossible projects and not just complete them before the stipulated time but also with lesser costs and superior quality.

Aluminium Framework System, also known as Mivan framework is one of the most innovative technologies that the new Indian construction industry is adopting. This technology is widely used in the construction of residential units and mass housing projects. It is developed by a European construction company. Later in 1990, the Mivan Company Ltd. from Malaysia started manufacturing these framework systems. Since then, many developers across the world have started making use of this technology.

It is a fast, simple, adaptable and cost-effective construction technology that satisfies the overall infrastructural progress. Many renowned developers have started making use of this technology for construction. This technology is largely used in Europe, Asia, Gulf Countries, and other part of the world. Mivan technology is highly suitable for constructing a large number of homes in a short span of time. This system is said to be the most suitable for the Indian infrastructure market as a custom-made Aluminium Formwork for cast-in-situ fully concrete structure.

In this system of framework construction, cast-in-situ concrete wall and floor slab cast monolithic provides the structural system in one continuous pour. This technology is basically used to simplify fast construction method. Large room sized forms for walls and floor slabs are erected at the site. These strong forms are then fabricated with accuracy and most importantly they are easy to handle.

In such developments, the frames for doors, windows and ducts are placed in advance in the form before concreting. Other pre-fabricated items such as Staircase flights, facade panels, chajjas, etc. are also integrated into the structure. This proves to be a better technology in comparison to other modern construction technologies used around the world.

Making use of high quality Mivan formwork panels ensures consistency of dimensions. On the removal of the formwork mould a top-quality concrete slab is produced to accurate tolerances. The high tolerance of the finish product means there is no need for further plastering.

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