Celebration of Women’s Day in Namrata Group’s Office

Silent as the storm,

Black as the nights sky

You never know when its coming

Temperature ranging from hot to cold
Moon swings come and they go
She can make you feel like the lowest scum on earth
Or make you feel like a King

We are in a league of our own
The take no mess take charge kind of woman
Sweet as honey beautiful as the sunset
She’ll drain you and leave you begging for more
With her smooth complexion hair just right
Dress to impress and the legs smooth as silk
Her take charge attitude with sophistication
Can work the room in any situation
Wither in the boardroom, fancy restaurant
or at home with family and friends.

Watch out cause she’s on the rise
As a strong independent woman
Never fearing of the two strikes against her
In this man’s world that we live in
So watch out, take notice and pay attention because she is unstoppable.

This poem written by Quarnisha Williams beautifully defines what it takes to be a real women and why she needs to be treated right. Women are carving their niche in all phases of life and we at Namrata Group take pride in hiring women suitable for their respective roles. Be it sales, finance, human resource, engineering , customer relationship management or marketing, our female employees have shown their impeccable skills and proved their worth time and again!women's day

On the eve of March 8, International Women’s Day, all the female employees were called at the head office in Pune. A special program was organized for them where each one was felicitated by the Director, Namrata Shah. Certificated of appreciation were given to all and a quick interactive session was held. The program was followed by refreshments at the end.