The dream WEEKEND HOMES exist in KAMSHET. People who live in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik have the added benefit of investing in WEEKEND HOMES as they can always find NEW PROPERTY IN LONAVALA or they can find NEW FLATS in Talegaon. However, in order to find the best place for you to escape to on weekends, nothing comes close to KAMSHET. Here, KAMSHET PROPERTY is such that it will instantly win you over and before you know it, you will be ready to invest in NEW FLATS and all the tempting HOUSE FOR SALE here.


Projects in Kamshet.



A lot of people who are looking for second homes or NEW FLATS outside their city often wonder if they should invest in KAMSHET PROPERTY or in LONAVALA. Well, as locations, both KAMSHET and LONAVALA are good. However, in terms of WEEKEND HOMES, one should surely head over to the FLATS IN KAMSHET. Located at a short drive away from PUNE, you will find these NEW FLATS that offer you the best of natural living. KAMSHET is surrounded by nature and life here will be completely blissful and calm as compared to city life. Here, you can actually indulge in a balanced weather, something that even LONAVALA and NEW PROPERTY IN LONAVALA does not experience.



It is not a joke when people say that KAMSHET is the most balanced place for living. Located at a place that is so strategic, KAMSHET experiences balanced weather that beats LONAVALA as well. Here, the winters are not too cold and the summers are not that hot and in monsoons, the entire place transforms into something else entirely. Having flats here means that you can actually enjoy this balanced weather, close to nature, unlike Pune or Mumbai. Look for a HOUSE FOR SALE in KAMSHET that offers you the best of real estate and invest in it without thinking as you will surely be pleased with your decision. KAMSHET is also surrounded by various tourist locations, giving you the time and chance to explore the beautiful Western Ghats from your own FLATS without taking long trips far away.



Namrata Group has the perfect option for WEEKEND HOMES. Head over to Bird's View and be prepared to have your breath taken away. Here, you can invest in FLATS that offer you the happiness of living amidst nature, enjoy the calm and peace of the mountains just a short drive away from all your major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. Here, you will find homes that are built keeping in mind your needs and planned in a way that you get the most out of it. KAMSHET is also located close to LONAVALA, making it even more tempting as both these places offer peace and calm lifestyle.

Invest in KAMSHET and you will definitely lead a healthier, relaxed and happy life as compared to before!


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