What’s fit for the monsoon season and what’s not?

Monsoon season is here and it is probably one of the seasons where a majority would prefer staying indoors at all times.  In this pouring season it is important to learn how to stylize your home such that it suits the season? How to have a home from where you can enjoy gazing at the pouring rain and the dripping droplets sliding down your window pane? Read on to know more.

  1. With the skies being an overcast and portraying a dull and damp mood, it is recommended to use bright accents in the home interiors to brighten up your mood and to provide some enthusiasm to your spirit. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to inject color pops into the space – think cushions, pillows and throw rugs. Painting and artworks can add so much life to walls and oodles of color and style to your decor in this monsoon season.monsoon season
  2. Give your home the monsoon season feel by adding objects in your interior that depict the rainy mood – some umbrellas over the chairs with bright colors. Other great options are thick, coir doormats at the entrance to wipe off wet muddy feet and wicker baskets used to stash raincoats before coming indoors.monsoon-season
  3. The days in monsoon season are often gloomy and dark, artificial lighting inside your home can help your           house get that elevated and pump in a rather dull climate that can make your spirit go low. Trendy table lamps   and floor lamps in Indian motifs that reflect an idiosyncratic South Asian seasonal experience are perfect, as are modern, geometric shapes or matte steel lighting fixtures coupled with glass for a contemporary decor style. Aromatic candles will infuse your living spaces with fresh scents that keep out the musty odors of the monsoon season while also adding an additional layer of soft lighting and accent colors to your decor.

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