What are the apt monsoon colors that will drive away the blues? What will make your home more inviting when its pouring outside?

monsoon colorsPost the roasting summer months, rain is a pleasurable season that we all long for. The cloudy views and the puddles on the street – for some it’s views down memory lane while for some, the most annoying seasonal change. You will see that during the monsoon months no color is true bright. You can decorate your home with different accessories and colors that you find the best. So, now let me tell you about some monsoon colors and tips that would help you in decorating your home:

  1. Turquoise
    The most luxurious color of the season, turquoise is the color that symbolizes monsoon quite closely. A color that’ll fill you with warmth, it’s one of the most commonly used monsoon colors. You can get curtains, accessories, wall papers, covering and cushions in turquoise. This color can really transform your entire home into something extremely luxurious.monsoon colors
  2. Green
    Green is a color that is soothing as well as calm. A bright color as this would help you cope up with the rather dull and depressing weather outside. The lush greenery around would surely motivate you to use this color in your interiors. Green can also be used for your kitchen area. You can bring small accessories, cushions, bed covers, sheets and, mattresses in this shade.
  3. Orange and Yellow

These colors would help you create a lively ambience in a pretty dull environment. Plus, you get a unique décor             through these colors. One great way of using these colors in your interiors is by bringing some fresh flowers in              the shade of yellow and orange. I am sure you would be able to find the flowers in these colors very easily. On             the kitchen counters, you can install brightly colored mats in these two colors.

So go ahead and bring in these monsoon colors and create a happy and energetic place. Happy Monsoon!

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