The 2017 Interior Trends

Were all the way through 2016, and this is a good time to discuss what is trending for the current year when it comes to décor and interior designs. Here is a list of five décor pegs that are trending in 2017  

 The incepted year has been said to bring along a revolution with it when it comes to interior design. Through a wide range of delicacies, this year is all set to bring with a treat for all interior design lovers around the world. Let’s get down to tips on how you can improve on your home with tiny changes which may bring about a huge difference in your home.

 1). Glaze up!

Terracotta is a great trick if you wish to avoid the conventional traditional interior style, you may opt for a glazed or matte finish tiles as accented walls or as flooring. A great way to charm up your interior space and also to add a distict personality to your home, teracotta is a new trend-setter this 2017!

2). Weave the magic!

Cork is known to add a refreshing touch to a rather dull interior, if and when used correctly. 2017 has brought along with it this quirky trend – watch it weave it’s magic upon accented walls, table and a wide range of other accessories.

3). Drop-dead gorgeous!

The beauty of beds with upholstered headboards is drop-dead gorgeous! A trend that is all set to hit the spotlight this year, upholstered headboards bring with it a luxurious, soft feel – a great way to upgrade your boring beds with this trending tip!

4). The upcycle trend!

Re-use what you feel is no more of use. A shift through the paradigms, it’s important to recognize what really is of no use and what can be used again. Upcycle designs will help you form an all new overall view of your interior. Another trend that is fast-growing in 2017.

 5). For the classy & sophisticated!

With stainless steel slowly coming into the limelight, the color black in the same can give your home an enhanced classy and a sophisticated feel! We might as well see this new trend hiking-up into our homes in 2017! You can adore it, hate it but just cant ignore it.stainless-steel-interiortrends


To sum it up, 2017 is a good time to redesign your homes with some amazing interior ideas. Those whore looking for a new home to implement these fab ideas can visit and choose from a plethora of residential projects in vicinity of a rapidlygrowing Pune.