The furniture segment has undergone a major reformation in recent times. The choices and preferences of people have largely evolved. With apartments and flats getting smaller and the need of clutter free space, furniture of today is entirely different from what it used to be. In today’s era where there is lack of space, multi -purpose furniture has become the demand of the time. It saves the space of buying much furniture for the home is cost effective too. Portable tables, space saving coffee tables with stools and sofa cum bed are some examples of such furniture.

Why sofa cum bed is a great option?

This wonder furniture is of great use to create additional sleeping space in your apartment. It’s a great option to place in your living room or the guest room. You can laze around on it while you sip your cup of coffee or just lie on it as you enjoy your favorite movie. It can be easily converted from a bed to sofa and from sofa to a bed. For its varied usage, this piece of furniture will soon be your favorite spot in the entire house.


When there are some unexpected guests at home, just convert this wonderful furniture into a bed and you are ready with a comfortable sleeping area for them. Also available with storage options, the sofa cum bed comes with storing boxes below that can hold your stuff.

Select your futon from the wide range of exclusive designs.Futon is a Japanese design bed. The frame of this kind of sofa cum bed is wooden and comes with a folded mattress. It comprises of a padded and quilted mattress that can be used as a sofa mattress and converted into a bed mattress at night. It is a good alternate for the bulky sofa set. It will make up both as a cozy sofa and a comfortable bed.

An ideal choice for your abode
No matter how big or small your apartment may be, this furniture piece is a great addition! It not only saves space but its multi utility feature makes it a piece worth investment. Don’t clutter your space with too much furniture but make a smart choice.