Ever thought why some interior designs are better than the rest?

Many a times, people are hesitant towards mixing, matching and playing around with various elements of the home interior to create a varied blend. Understandably, hesitance comes with the fear of going wrong, but creation does not happen unless there is willingness to follow a potential risk.

The foremost advantage of blending is that every person creates a match per his own psychology and talent, thus creating something which is far from the original, and most importantly, unique. Uniqueness is probably the most integral part when it comes to interior design – it is essential to incorporate elements afar from anyone’s thinking capacity. Uniqueness is magnetic, and eye pleasing as well.

interior-designImagine walking into a room and every surface was covered in the exact same type of material and in the exact same shade. After getting over the initial shock factor, you would likely find the room extremely boring. In this admittedly unlikely scenario, there’s nothing to keep you interested in the space, so it’s only natural for your eyes and mind to wander somewhere more engaging.

Contrast, which is what’s achieved by mixing and matching will provide visual interest. We tend to gravitate towards spaces that give our eyes multiple elements to examine within a cohesive whole, so keep this goal in mind when shopping for the items that will eventually fill your interiors.

interior-designThat said, when it comes to contrast, there is such a thing as too much. After a certain point, too many points of visual interest become overwhelming and our eyes need somewhere to rest and reset themselves. Spaces that are well designed strike a balance between these two extremes to create a harmonious look.

Another important thing to keep in mind are the colors and patterns. There are colors that go well with one another and then there are colors that don’t. Be careful with what color and pattern you are creating a blend with – precaution is better than correction. A subtle study of color psychology and “colors