2018: A refreshing mix of home decor trends

Home Decor

Give your home an all new look!


The trend favours flexibility. Right from the furniture to the wall papers. Portable, compact and lightweight furniture has replaced the unwieldy and heavy. Wallpapers and tapestry reflect the changing seasons. For example, warm colours are chosen for winter. While summer brings along pastel shades that are cooler to the eye.

Get ‘Bowled’ over!

Acai and breakfast bowls are preferred instead of heavy dinner sets. This makes dining a casual affair, cutting out the paraphernalia. A ‘piece meal’ meal is the crux of a ‘good and propah’ dieting, right?

A maximalist trend

A quest for texture, colours, patterns, ornamentation and a mix of diverse styles (not to be confused with kitsch) are the essentials of 2018 home styles.  People want to experiment, confirm less and listen to their heart. This is the world of non conformists…and their homes echo their free spirit.

Walk on velvet

Velvet has found its way back into our homes. We no longer fight shy of the brazen plush look. Or are we getting more and more tactile? Whatever be the reason, a velvet carpet beneath our feet won’t be looked at as ostentatious!

Go intensely intricate!

This year, your tables, cabinets, floors can be intricately designed. This would definitely lend a dimension and texture to the room.

Dotted tiles to bring more smiles!

Those speckled marble tiles of yesteryears are back with a bang. So, feel free to bring back the nostalgia. Going down the memory lane was never so smooth!

Overhaul the fifth wall!

The ceiling is an important part of your home. 2018 has good news for the top wall aka ceiling. You can make it as spectacular as you want. Try it, and let your guests look up to it!

A pro -environment approach 

The architecture that allows maximum sunlight and air, avoids the use of electric appliances during daytime. In addition, indoor plants and creepers would reduce the heat. This would make your home cooler. It would look pleasant too.