Why Mumbaikars are investing in 2 BHK in Pune?

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  • 27th November, 2018

Why Mumbaikars are investing in 2 BHK in Pune?

Recently, there has been a constant rise in the number of Mumbaites buying 2 BHK in Pune. There are several reasons for this trend –

2bhk in Pune

Pune- A desirable destination

Pune is blessed with a pleasant climate and rich culture.  The status of silicon city has conferred on it a global status. Besides, Pune has everything for everybody-renowned educational institutes for students, employment opportunities for job seekers, attractive sightseeing for tourists and a comfortable destination for retired people. It’s hardly any wonder then that now Mumbaites are seeking 2BHK in Pune.

Pune homes are affordable

Prices of accommodations are shooting up by the day in Mumbai. So, Mumbaites have to compromise a lot on factors like the size of homes and the comforts it offers while buying a property in Mumbai. Since buying accommodation anywhere close to the city would be highly exorbitant; they have to settle for the suburbs that are too far from the mainstream. On the other hand, buying 2 BHK in Pune comes as a feasible option. So, Mumbaites can easily buy a 2 BHK in Pune without letting go of all their savings.

More space at a lesser cost

Since homes in Pune are available at a cheaper price; Mumbaites can easily go for a 2 BHK in Pune in almost the same budget of a 1 BHK home in Mumbai. After all, living in a bigger home is a better option any day!

Pune is easily accessible from Mumbai

Thanks to the Express highway, commuting daily from Mumbai to Pune is now easier than ever. As Pune stretches across far and wide beyond its previous boundaries; Pune and Mumbai look like twin cities.

A second home or investment

Mumbaites find buying 2 BHK in Pune a good investment option. Namrata Group, a name to reckon with in the realty world, offers attractive 2 BHK in Pune through a range of residential projects.

Pune is a good investment option and more and more Mumbaites are recognising this trait.

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