What is the future of investment in Pune?

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  • 16th September, 2018
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Pune Real Estate

What is the future of investment in Pune?

Pune has surely proven itself as one of the best cities in India and shown tremendous growth opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Pune is the oxford of the east, but has recently also known as the Cyber Hub and a Start-up city. It has not only attracted students from all over the world but prominently the booming IT-industry as well as property investors. This has surely helped in the evolution of Pune city and its real estate market.

Pune is growing day by day

The influx of migrants from all different parts of the country to Pune is growing day by day. People today are more than keen on investing in Pune, reason being its eminent infrastructure and high quality lifestyle. The ambitious ‘Smart City Plan’ of the Central Government consists Pune city too, which has further impacted the real estate sector’s transformation on quite a large scale.

Another reason is Pune doesn’t have the sky-rocketing prices of Mumbai. Pune is much affordable than Mumbai and so an investor or a home buyer would definitely prefer Pune over Mumbai. Other than all the above advantages, Pune has a favourable climate and has a heterogeneous culture, its diversity doesn’t make you feel like an alien here.

Not only the city but even the outskirts like Lonavala, Talegaon, Kamshet etc. make for a suitable location for investment in real estate. In today’s times home buyers are seeking solace with homes that are at a distance from the pollution and mayhem of the city, yet not too far from the city. It’s quite convenient to commute within Pune city.

Affordable pricing

The future of Pune real estate is brighter than ever in the recent times. When it comes to affordable pricing, the options in the properties like 1BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK are all easily available. Well talking about it, Namrata Group is one of the finest investment options in Pune real estate where you’ll definitely come across brilliant options in residential as well as commercial properties.

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