Valentine’s Day Is For Everyone? – All You Need to Know

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  • 14th February, 2018
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  The' V'day is for all! The’ V’day is for all!

The Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and the air is growing mushier by the day. Hotel owners and rose vendors are all smiles in anticipation. The corner seats of movie halls are booked days in advance by clever couples and the ‘dream date’ plans are about to get a few final touches. The cultural pressure to celebrate the Valentine’s Day is on, hand in hand with the peer pressure! Well, well…but what about people who are single?

Well, the fact is that the Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love; it’s about a much bigger love than that. Whoever you have affection or respect for could be your Valentine. (Saint Valentine will be too willing to agree while Chaucer may have his doubts!)  Remember that drawing teacher you always looked at with awe and whose paintings held you spellbound and inspired you? Or even your dad who has always been sensitive towards you trying to humour you during your occasional mood swings? What better occasion than the Valentine’s Day to tell them that they matter and have a special place in your life?

So, this Valentine’s day, surprise all such lovely people and watch them bask in the warmth of your love! The prince charming must be on his way and win your heart next year!

Now, whoever said that Valentine’s Day is reserved just for ‘romantic love’ can think again!

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