Tourist Spots Around Talegaon Dabhade That Awaits You This Winter!

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  • 31st January, 2020
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Tourist Spots Around Talegaon Dabhade That Awaits You This Winter!

Nothing excites more than exploring a place that has fabulous weather throughout the year, gives a serene and scenic view along with a cosmopolitan life. Pune is a beautiful city in India, which provides ample opportunities and activities, be it related to work, travel, or leisure. There are many attractive destinations in and around the city which are worth visiting this winter.

Talegaon Dabhade


Talegaon Dabhade

It is one of the exceptional locations in Pune, which is well connected with all the central suburbs of the city. It is one place that is accessible through all the major transport links that make commuting quick and easy. The area around Talegaon Dabhade provides abundant tourist options by giving insight into the rich heritage and culture.

Historical Places

Induri Fort

It is a small fort constructed in the early 1700s by Sarsenapati Sardar Khanderao Dabhade. The fort is in ruins and covered with thick bushes, but it is still an excellent place to visit. Constructed on the banks of the Indrayani river the fort, gives a very picturesque scene.

Ghorwadeshwar Cave Temple

These are Buddhist caves and have carvings and statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities carved around the 3rd century A.D. These caves situated on a hilltop and are faced westward. They look beautiful when lit up in the evening. It also provides a good view of the Expressway. The trek up to the caves is not very tiring.

Bhandar Dongar

It is one of the hidden gems of the area, which is less explored by the visitors. The place is famously known for Saint Tukaram Maharaj. A temple is also being built in the same vicinity. It is an ideal winter spot to enjoy with the loved ones as view in front of the eyes is breathtaking.

Mahadaji Sindhia Statue Garden

Sindhia Hill in Wadgaon village holds the statue of Mahadaji Sindhia. The historic place is famous, where the Maratha army won a battle against the British army before 1857 revolt. At that time, Mahadaji was the leader of the Maratha army. A brief description of the war and a “Vijay Stambha” (Tower of Victory) and a small garden around the statue is built lately. It is a lovely family, hangout place.

Other Recreational sites

Kund Mala Falls

Kund Mala waterfall is not very far off from the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. It’s a mind-blowing view. Talegaon Dabhade is developed close to Indrayani River, cascading into rocky gorges. One can also visit a small temple constructed on one of the enormous boulders overlooking the waterfall. From the bridge, fantastic views of the waterfall are captured. The place is mostly secluded, quiet, and serene. An ideal picnic spot near to a waterfall.

Talegaon Dabhade Lake

It is a beautiful lake with a perfect location for a morning or evening walk. It is an ideal site for camping and fishing.

Birla Ganapati and Shirgaon Sai Baba Temple

The two massive temples are in close vicinity and provides a lovely view overlooking the Expressway. In recent years the place has gained popularity and is visited, by residents and tourists.

Talegaon Dabhade is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination and worth a visit. You can do some unique things and explore places at this hidden destination.

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