Timeless Interior Trends

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  • 20th June, 2018
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Timeless inerior

Spruce up your home with Timeless Interior and stay in style forever!

One always likes to keep abreast with the latest…whether it’s about the fashion in clothing, digital gizmos or our colloquial lingo and last but not the least; the interior décor. Speaking of the last, it’s most difficult to keep track of the changing fashion and change it accordingly…for it’s not only expensive but also time and energy consuming. But then how about choosing the interior décor trends that are evergreen? Bingo! Here are a few!

·        Black and White Furniture and Tapestry: Go anywhere in the world, the black and white classic combination would always burn the top charts! So, go ahead, go for those black and white curtains and carpets. They could have floral patterns, stripes or just plain…as long as they have the black and white combination.

·        Greens and Yellows: Think of those leafy greens playing a pleasant and peppy contrast with sunny, butterfly or turmeric yellows. They would enhance the exuberance of your room and breathe in some added energy.

·        White and Sea foam: It’s the most soothing combination suited for all the seasons in India. It would mellow the summers, warm up the winters and make the monsoons even more magnificent.

·        Cream and Russet: Some warm russet against the pastel cream would make your home vibrant and inviting. A plain russet or cream carpet would accentuate the elegance further.

·        Bring in the harbingers of good luck: Laughing Buddha, bamboo trees, fish aquariums and statues are a few things that are believed to bring home good luck.  Deck up your drawing room with one of these and watch it brighten up your home!

Follow these tips and they are sure to count you among the icons of home décor!

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