THINK FEEL DO For Ganesh Chaturthi

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  • 24th August, 2017
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The favorite time of the year is here! Yes, we are as much excited as you are, for our favorite Bappa to come home and bless us. With each passing year, we are stepping more towards modernization and tend to forget what it is to celebrate the festival like we used to do in our childhood. This year let’s all go back to the times where Ganpati was all about good times, good food and fond memories of the past.

Namrata Group firmly believes in the value and philosophy of Think Feel Do, so here we tell you how to celebrate the festival in best of spirits!


thinkfeeldoThink to go Eco Friendly this Ganpati:  Every year, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations conclude with the immersion of Ganpati idols into the sea, rivers, lakes or ponds thus posing a serious threat to the marine life. Most of the idols are made from Plaster of Paris and toxic, non-biodegradable chemical colour and causes much harm to the life of people and animals. The call of times requires us to act responsibly and think for eco- friendly ways to celebrate this festival. Bring home idols that are crafted with clay, sugarcane, red soil and other natural elements or make one for yourself. THINK of how effective this one small step can be to save the environment.


thinkfeeldoFeel the blessing of Ganpati: Immerse yourself in the praise of Lord Ganesha and feel the divine power of his blessings. Enjoy the festival in the best of spirits with your family and loved ones. This time of the year is all about serving the lord, relishing the delicacies, enjoying with your family and feeling great.



thinkfeeldoDo to create memories: Celebrate the Ganpati festival and make memories that you will cherish all your lifetime. Invite people to your home whom you haven’t met since long, call your relatives who stay in your city and make this festival a memorable one. Arrange a gala lunch/dinner and let everybody savour the delights of this very special festival.


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