The significance of Gudipadwa

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  • 15th March, 2018
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Gudi padwa

Gudi Padwa

There is much more to Gudi Padwa than buying new clothes, white goods and relishing the delicacies!

‘Gudi Padwa’- marks the onset of spring…new offshoots of leaves decorate the branches, flowers blossom everywhere and their enchanting fragrance infuses the air. It’s also considered as the festival celebrating the harvest and quite significantly so, as India is mainly an agrarian country.

A similar festival is celebrated as Yugadi in Karnataka,  Ugadi in Telangana, as Navreh by Kashmiri Pandits and Cheti Chand by Sindhis.

The religious significance

According to the Hindu tradition, on this day, Lord Brahma had created the universe. It’s believed that Lord Rama’s coronation ceremony took place on this day. This the first day of the lunar fortnight. The sun is vertically above the point of intersection between the equator and the meridians. This makes the day very auspicious and is considered to be one of the three and a half auspicious Muhurtas. Major investments are made on this day and white goods are purchased. A ‘Gudhi’ (a special flag also known as a Brahmhadhawaj ) adorns every house. It’s the first day of the New Year.  This is the time when the Rabi crop is harvested and the tempting aroma of fresh, ripe mangoes is wafting in the air.

It’s time to share the joy!

When you share your joy, it gets multifold. Remember your childhood days when your home used to be full of relatives and guests? The gaiety that the rustle of new clothes, aroma of Puranpoli and Shreekhand and the blessings of elders used to bring? You used to enjoy all the fuss over dressing you up and that mollycoddling by the elders.

Bring back those warm moments!

Celebrating the festivals with a contemporary interpretation is indeed a desirable and welcome endeavour. For example, Gudi Padwa is about welcoming the new era. So, how about breaking the old, undesirable habits or stereo types and replacing them with something new? Well, and when you do this with your extended family,-your community,  it gets all the more enjoyable!

Namrata Group-where an exuberant community life thrives!

The blend of tradition and modernity is always delightful and refreshing. Most of the projects by ‘Namrata’ nurture this blend. So, our thoughtful amenities add vibrant colours to your life….and a cheerful community life lends loads of excitement! That’s why at Namrata, celebration is a way of life…and every moment is a fresh beginning!

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