The Namrata Community

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 19th July, 2019

Namrata Community

The Namrata Community

Namrata Group is a customer centric enterprise. We believe in the dreams, aspirations and hopes of our customers and strive to match up to them. With all our people, processes and resources, we create the best in class and deliver it on time. The Namrata Community will vouch for that. The Namrata Community consists of both- people who create it that is Team Namrata and people who benefit from it that is our customers.

Team Namrata

Our team is deeply involved in every project right from its conception to creation. They are dedicated and have insights into current trends and market scenario. Our engineers, architects, workers, marketing personnel, sales staff and each one associated with brand Namrata works hard to take the company vision forward. They are the creators of delight of our customer community.

Our customers

Namrata customers are a community of happy families. They are proud owners of a Namrata home and happy about the fulfilment of their most cherished dream. We ensure that our customers get more than they expect. Well-connected location, state-of-the-art amenities, highest quality construction, aesthetic design, attractive lifestyle and fair pricing, we deliver it all. No wonder, our residents bask in happiness.

Vibrant community life

The Namrata Community is a set of happy families availing all the benefits our homes offer. They enjoy like-minded neighborhood. They get the best out of amenities designed for the entire family. They trust us and are satisfied with our services. The Namrata community is a close knit group and shares a bond of trust with the builder and their team. Their happiness is no secret and many families are eager to be a part of the Namrata community.


Our projects such as Happycity, Ecocity 2.0, Slim Tower, Aikonik at Talegaon, 32 Pinewood Drive and Unnati at Hinjewadi, Life 360 at Rahatani, 43 Privet Drive at Baner Balewadi house such communities. Do visit and have a glimpse of these happy, vibrant communities which are our pride and pleasure. Be part of them!