Questions to ask before renting a property

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  • 29th July, 2018

Renting a property

Renting a property in a city like Pune is always too easy.

The difficult part is finding a real estate property in Pune that suits all your needs. There are some things that one should always know before renting a property. If you are planning to rent a property, here are some questions that you need to ask the owner of the place:

What am I Responsible for?

It often happens that there is some furniture or some gadgets like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, etc. The owner and you need to discuss the responsibilities that come with this. What happens if things are damaged? Who will pay the maintenance amount for these things? It is always better to be frank in these matters.

Can I Decorate?

There are some owners who, while renting a property to someone, still have very particular ideas about the house. It may happen that you want to put up pictures or add a cupboard over the kitchen counter. Obviously, this needs to be discussed with the owner first as the decision of what to do with the house lies with them. Make sure you discuss this point in order to avoid future conflicts.

How Much Is The Rent? Are there any Other Expenses?

At times, when renting a property, one will decide keeping in mind the rent only. However, sometimes there are hidden costs that one has no idea about. In order to not be surprised by such expenses, ask the owner about them directly.

Can You Fix This?

The residential properties that are frequently given on rent are obviously going to experience some wear and tear. If you see any such issues with the property you are taking on rent, make sure you point it out and ask the owner if they can get it fixed before you move in.

What Kind of Insects Should I be Aware of?

It isn’t a surprise that when renting a property, one of things that can actually take you by surprise is the presence of insects and pests. It is always a better idea to ask if the property will need any kind of pest control or any form of insect repellent procedure in the future or even now.

What about the Parking Space?

In huge societies, parking space can be an issue. Mostly, the owner will have an assigned parking and you need not worry about this. However, to assume something like this is wrong. It is better to discuss this and ask them to show where the parking is, and if they don’t have a parking space allotted to them, where can you park? Is that parking spot safe?

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