Think of Investing in Various Residential Projects in Pune
  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 15th August, 2018

Think of investing in various residential projects in Pune.

The real estate of Pune city is on a constant ascend. The graph also predicts good growth for the real estate industry in the coming years. A pivotal aspect of such promising growth is the employment that the city is generating rapidly. The presence of IT/ITeS, manufacturing, and automobile sectors act as a catalyst to the demand-supply chain. Listed below are the points about what makes it the best option for investment.

 The Perfect Location: Talegaon

It’s often said that the grass is greener on the other side. In terms of Mumbai and Pune, everyone knows that Pune undoubtedly falls on the greener side. Nature playing its significant role swaddles Pune from all sides. Nature gives Pune an upper edge when it comes to property buying in comparison to Mumbai. As Pune is booming too, people are finding them nestled according to their budgets. Majorly, the masses are seeking upcoming projects which are economical and serve good connectivity. When it comes down to zero, Talegaon is one naturally furnished location. Equidistant from both the glowing cities of India – Mumbai and Pune, Talegaon is located amidst the lush green. And when it comes to Talegaon, the talk of the town has been two important projects – Ecocity 2.0 & Aikonic by Namrata Group.

Smart Choice

Ecocity 2.0 – Specially designed for an economical pocket that stays high on living. Aikonic – which is a fusion of style, luxury, and comfort redefines the meaning of a wholesome home. These projects are best as one can find various sized homes suiting to their needs. Also, the coming years promise major growth in the area which surely would make the property rates go high. For, one can see this as an ideal opportunity to grow with time. Investing in such upcoming projects at Talegaon, Pune is definitely a move to get tagged as – a smart choice!

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