Property Trends in Pune and how it will affect your investment options

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  • 20th October, 2018

Property Trends in Pune and how it will affect your investment options

It is a smart choice to invest in Pune which will prove beneficial in the long run.

Property Trends in Pune

An opportune moment for investment

The real estate market was stable for a long time, but it sure is picking up now.. At the micro level, things are definitely catching the pace. Numerous developing areas across Pune are offering properties with reasonable prices that promise handsome returns on investment. Another aspect that can be a good measuring unit for appropriate investment in particular areas is rental benefits.

With the builders starting to concentrate on right-sized properties, the market situation has begun improving. Pune’s affordable housing segmentâ€â€�units priced below Rs 40 lakhâ€â€�constituted 44% of the overall new supply in the third quarter of 2017-18.(

Major aspects that impacted Real estate trends in Pune

Demonetisation has impacted on the real estate sector in a major way. The real estate market is inclined towards the investors and the buyers. It would definitely be good to optimise the opportunity if you are keen on investing in new properties in Pune.

The introduction of the Real Estate Regulation Act helps buyers. Builders are now focusing on low-cost projects while providing better amenities. Developers are working out the costing of the interiors to increase the affordability quotient for their buyers.

A positive prediction

The experts have been predicting high-end housing segment to have a major positive impact in coming future. Investors and buyers looking for luxury properties can now utilise this time for negotiation. The luxury properties are usually located in developing areas. These areas are strongly backed up with good infrastructure. Developers as well as buyers equally benefit from it. This is one of the real estate trends in Pune that could give the sector a new direction in the future.

Many factors attract the investors

One needs to zero in on an appropriate location according to the real estate trends in Pune. Also study briefly the changing prices of areas. Real estate investment has always been a profitable investment and holds great potential to keep being one. A bit of patience can yield you tremendous value for your investment. Real estate sector of Pune is definitely sustainable due to its strong industrial base and various employment opportunities. This is attracting not only investors from pan India but also NRIs that are keen to invest in Pune.

Going by the current real estate trends in Pune, right now would be a good time to invest.

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